Does anyone have two identical, but in different sizes?


Do you or have you had two of the same bag, different size/leather/shade?

  1. Same leather/hardware/color, but different size

  2. Same size/hardware/color, but different leather

  3. Same leather/hardware/size, but different shade of same color

  4. No, I try to keep a "spread" between bags, and avoid redundancy.

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  1. Do any of you have (or have had) two bags which are the same style, leather, color, and hardware, but different sizes? If so, what bags are (were) they? Do (did) you use both? If you ended up parting with one, was it because you stopped using the less favorite size, or did you just feel like a jerk having this sort of redundancy?

    Related question - same question, identical bag/color/size, but different leathers (eg, togo and box; or togo and clemence - please don't laugh, I am just curious) or, close but not identical colors (eg, ebene and chocolate; black and graphite; etoupe and gris torterelle)

    I am not in this situation yet, but its not entirely a hypothetical question, due to a bag or two on my wish list.
  2. yes ah and yes and well yes :upsidedown: totally identical different sized less so (i prefer if i need the same style in a different size and same hrdw to have a different leather) but same colorfamily different leather or hardware yes often (i need at least silver AND gold hardware for every and each colorgroup. i try to split them also with styles like red family birkin pall. hrwr and red family bolide gold hrdw but that is not a rule
  3. I think I may be guilty :sweatdrop::biggrin: all the same size and leathers but different colors
  4. Hi

    I must be a loon! Yes I've had same combination 3 different sizes and also same size and combination with the only variant being h/ware. So I'm having a cull at the moment of near duplicates and an overhaul of my collection. That said black calf box and gold seems to rear it's head in every corner!


  5. LMAO!!!!! I am SO guilty of this!

    Same size, same leather but different colors. Same leather, same color but different styles. LOL!!!! I love my black and I love my Box calf........

    But I'm trying for variation....I think I'm getting there.
  6. Would I? U betcha! If I found it......

    :heart:1. Blk box Kelly in 28 and 32, right next to each other in the closet. No problemo.

    :girlsigh:2. Rouge H in box and chamonix too........I'll take one w/white stitching and PHW, and the other w/matching stitching and GHW.

    :love:3. Black togo in both Kelly and Birkin......

    the best would be to find them 1 at a time, over a few it's not feast or famine.....but no telephoning....just stopping by while out strolling.....and finding them.....
  7. How about same color and same leather same size (ok, 1cm difference)different style? Did that with vermillion chevre in two bags.
  8. Sure....why not......IMHO ESPECIALLY w/different styles....bcause if u luv a skin and color,u want it near u allot, but different style bags do different makes perfect sense to me.....:yes:
  9. Thank you for supporting my thought process. However, I must add that I was doubting myself the other day. I thought I had goofed and then talked myself out of it by reminding myself that one is a Drag bag and under the radar and one is a Kelly which certainly is not. Unfortunately I find myself many times having to be in situations where under the radar is preferable. There is a lot of envy out in the world.:crybaby:
  10. ^Lee, Went back again and looked at your post on your bags. We are both in trouble:p
  11. :lol::lol::lol::lol:
    Works for me!
  12. SO funny because that whole post is almost exactly word for word my answer!

    To me, there's never enough black in the world, for one thing. And I totally agree that Rouge H Box and Rouge H Chamonix have different characters and there's a time and place for each of them--best case scenario the time would be now and the place would be in my hand. LOL

    The only thing on that list I would personally skip would be a black togo Kelly but that's just me because Kellys have limited use in my current lifestyle and the two sizes in Box would suit my needs perfectly. However, I could totally see having two black Birkins of the same size, different leathers. I would LOVE to have a black Box Birkin to go with my black Evergrain Birkin. :heart:
  13. I don't suppose I'm alone or particularly odd in that I have 2 30cm birkins both in Togo both with PHW - one black the other blue jean. They feel and look very different to me because of the colour. I am thinking about adding to my small collection. But this time it'll be something different- hopefully a 35cm birkin in clemence, a 32 cm Kelly in Togo or a 34cm clemence Lindy! ( You know, really I need all three but all in good time!) No more 30cms for me for the mo (etoupe is calling though! and I can totally see the appeal of getting a black 35cm birkin with GHW!)
  14. OK, I just own one (Black Box Birkin)...
    but the next will be a lot different (Unblack Clemence Massaï)

  15. ^^^I have a teenage daughter:angel::hysteric::supacool::drool::angel:.....I need a default bag......^^^^