Does anyone have to hide their LV purchases?

  1. I broke out my purse that I had in hiding. I took many of your advice and said to myself I'm just gonna use her. No joke...walking out the door for the first time with her my husband says, "Where did you get that Louie?" Thanks to many of you. (I know many of you don't agree at all with this.) I said, "I bought this last Fall. This is the one that I saved up for. I used it all season last year. It's time to bring her out again. Don't you remember? What a great memory you have." He rolled his eyes and that was that. Thanks for all of the great advice.
  2. :yahoo:You get to wear it now without having to sneak little peaks and cover it up in the closet at night!!!:roflmfao: I so agree w/ buttons -it is easy to say My Dh know's everything and I hide nothing but I have 5 sisters and each of our DH's are different-it really depends on the man -some are just so intolerant of LV & others tolerate it and make room for it-if you get one that absolutely would not make room in the budget for LV-it is not worth divorce - I just think of it like-agreeing to disagree silently!!!:yes:

    So happy you can enjoy your bag now! Thanks for sharing!:heart:
  3. i've purchased a lot of lv items this year including: damier french purse, key holder, damier mini zippy, epi madeleine and two gucci items...

    and i hide their frm my boyfriend otherwise he'll give me a lecture about how i spend money like water...

    I told him my epi bag was a ninewest bag hHahahah until he looked closer he figure it out.. :/
  4. yeah i kinda do. my mom freaks a little when i see her.
  5. I'm sorry you feel you have to hide your purchases from your DH! My DH is very supportive of my love for bags. I tell him that I'm going to purchase bag(s) within my $2000 budget and put it on our cc (to get miles) and then give him cash to quickly pay it off. I have my own savings, so I don't feel guilty at all! Also, my DH knows that I'm pretty smart about money. I always invest the maximum amount each year into my roth ira! :cutesy:
  6. I do too Tasi but my DH is a finance guy through and through with years of experience and any disposable goods to him are a waste of funds and should not be tolerated-He won't even gold since it would cost him $$$ the only thing he will buy is art & diamonds outside of the Stck Market since he thinks the rest is just throwing away $$$ for nothing- There is no amount that woukd make him happy- he once complained about an $18.00 scarf I purchased and I had to hear about it for weeks so every guy is different some are ok with LV and some like Mine are not so I have learned to just keep it to myself- For me Life is too short to not enjoy some of the things our wealth can afford us- I am glad that you have a good DH that let's you buy such beautiful bags!!! Lucky Lady!!! I'd say wanna trade DH's but despite this one tight spot in him there is tons I love about him too!!!
  7. I dont hind my purchases from bf..
    well, it's my hard earned money, and I can manage other expenses and savings
    so.. I don't see why I need to hide
    (although I did hide once--> when I first bought LV bag charm, cost almost 500, and I don't think bf would be very happy)

    BUT BUT I do hide them from my parents...
    the good thing is, I work in a different city, and I only go back a few days every time, so I only need 1 purse, and I try to bring the same one every time..
  8. Hahahahahahaha!!!! :woohoo:
  9. Sorry to hear you have to hide your purchases. I'm thankful that my DH is lovely about my LV bag addiction :biggrin: He's funded most of them and knows how much they cost. He's sweet - he'd buy me a $4K bag but won't get a $2K TV for himself. My mother says if I buy any more LV bags she'll be mad! I'm like.... but the money is my husband and mine? We aren't irresponsible... but each has their own indulgences.

    I understand the need to hide purchases from SOs.. so I sympathise. Just enjoy your purchases when you can 'bring them out to play'. :biggrin:
  10. It does make things better....people should not have to account for every thing that they or check in...people need some freedom within reason to do their own things that bring them joy....
  11. You should try it...I think once you start asking your dh for things it is a downward spiral of control...."honey can I get this or honey can I get that".....I choose not to ask and just do....If there is an issue we can discuss it but, at the end of the day I am my own boss and director and make decisions for man or person will tell me what to do....that being said I am quite reasonable:yes:
  12. you sure you wanna be with this guy for the rest of your life? ;)

    my dh supports my LV habit as well! he says if he can spend on his dream cars (although we buy 2nd hand ones) i should also have the right to enjoy my bags!

    reminds me of that scene from the Joy Luck Club....
  13. I don't have to hide my purchases from hubby as I always seek his approval before buying, even though I'm using my own money to buy. He does think that they're too expensive but he lets me indulge once in a while. He knows I'm not the type that buys a lot and he also knows that I'll always research extensively before deciding on a bag so he is ok as long as I don't go overboard. My goal is 1 LV a year so it's not too bad.

    I do have to hide from my in-laws though...not really hiding but I just don't draw attention to my bags and pray that MIL will never ask me how much they cost!:sweatdrop:
  14. I don't hide my purchases from hubby; I show them off proudly and he just smile and say "as long as you love it!"
  15. I'm lucky that i don't have to hide anything from my hubby. He is supportive of my purse addiction and has even built me a display cabinet to store all my LVlies and other purchases. I do have to "lie" about the prices of my bags to my family members and "some" friends" who just don't GET IT! And yes, i sometimes tell some of them that some of my bags are fakes so they won't ask again! Sad but true...