Does anyone have to hide their LV purchases?

  1. I can feel guilty sometimes because I want to make sure that my DBF understands that I'm responsible with my money, but most of the time I keep my purchases small and (relatively) infrequent :p so I feel alright.
  2. I don't hide my LV purchases from my DH. It would be hard for him to miss seeing a $1000 purchase on our Amex bill. My DH is not too supportive of the $ I spend on designer bags, jewelry, and jeans, but I work hard for my $, and if I nag him enough, he'll let me buy something new. :smile:
  3. My DH doesn't care. My mom on the other hand is like the handbag police. Interrogates me endlessly if I carry something new which really is annoying. So I always carry the same bag when I go to see my parents. It relieves a lot of stress.
  4. I totally understand! My DH is not into anything designer - I always say he's a minimalist. Even though he bought me my first designer bag (over 20 yrs ago), he doesn't "get it" about the LV addiction. He thinks it's a waste of money. He will sometimes surprise me with a gift card or small item (per my request though). So, what are the options - argue about it? not worth it. End a marriage about it? That would be absurd. End my LV addiction? Uh, I can't. So, the best way is to not make a big deal of what I buy and stay quiet about them. I can say that it's not such a bad thing to hide it - I've been married over 20 years, so something must be right. This subject has come up on TPF before, and some members say, "Oh, that is terrible to hide things" or "Oh, how sad it is for you to be in that situation", and other comments. I don't think I've ever heard that from someone who has been through kids and 20 years of marriage though, lol! Yeah, it would be great if he shared my love for LV, but I don't agonize over it.
  5. good advice!
  6. very clever
  7. I totally understand what you're talking about. I think in his mind he doesn't understand the need for so many bags, but feeling guilty about purchases isn't a good thing. You're supposed to be enjoying the bag and not stressing over what other people think. Trust me the second you let go of what your partner thinks it might remove that need for "hiding" - Also, does he ask about the price of each bag? or do you fib and tell him it was cheaper/on sale/ etc?

    Also these bags are pricey and perhaps he can't fathom that you can shell out thousands for a closet full of bags. You only live once. I am realizing much of this in the past few years due to certain life events.


    if you feel guilty just don't buy for a while.. a girl gotta have some kinda control.
  8. me three....:yes:...I use my own money but, I do not mention it...dh is not too fond of the LV price point....I don't necessarily hide it but, I do not do reveals at home either:graucho:...I say nothing....he says nothing...all is good...if my dh buys sports equipment he does not have to tell me or answer to me or do a reveal either...a new vehicle is another story...then we need to discuss....
  9. I would never hide a purchase from my husband. I would be very upset to find out he hid a purchase from me (which he's never done, BTW), so I couldn't possible do that to him. Something small, like if I found a blouse on sale for 20 bucks or so, I wouldn't run past him, but $1,000 for a bag is a significant purchase, and since it's our money not "his & mine", he deserves to know about it.
  10. No paper trail, no statement to see. that's right! just be quiet and bring it out later. When DH asked me if it was new, I said I had been saving money for it for a long time, end of discussion.

  11. LVpug, this is exactly what's going on in my house. stay quiet about each other personal things is the best way to keep a good relationship for us.
  12. LVpug, I love your way....might try this, thanks;).
  13. Nope my DH know every bag I have and I could never hide a purchase from him
  14. Me. I am guilty of it but have stopped playing the hiding game 6 months ago and things don't change. DH still doesn't like it but he does not comment as much :smile:
  15. He doesn't really bother abt me spending on bags but once awhile he will say - enough bags, don't buy anymore.. hahahahah.. to which i will replied - ok but deep in my heart, i'm thinking - there's always a bag out there waiting for me to buy.. kwim!