Does anyone have to fight with the zipper on their Botkier Bella?

  1. Because I have to fight with the zippers on both my Bella in gunmetal and bone/gold. I love the bags; great hardware, outstanding leather, unique contruction..BUT those ZIPPERS just piss me off. Sometimes I have to pull so hard, Im afraid I will pull the zipper pull off!

    Does anyone else have this problem and if so, is there a way to remedy it?

    Any responses are greatly appreciated!
  2. I've heard beeswax works well on zippers to make them much smoother. I've never tried it though, for fear of getting it on the leather. If you're less clutzy than me, it's worth a shot!
  3. I have also heard of plain chapstick...

    Are your bags new? I had a bella clutch and a medium Bianca. I found the zippers really sticky at first with my Bianca. After a few weeks they loosened up and are now really smooth. I remember my bella was like that too but I sold her right after I got her so I can't say it got better with time but should since it's the same hardware.