Does anyone have this?

  1. Yep, out of stock.
  2. out of stock
  3. here we go...don't know why it didn't works over on this end. Anyhow, I got some great ideas from the other gals..but still wonderin!
  4. oh :sad:
  5. says it is in are ya sure it is out of stock?
  6. I have it and love love love it. I put 2 - 3 credit cards in each pocket. It's great !!!!
  7. oh happy to hear it pursefanatic!! I ordered it yesterday :smile:..did you ever have any trouble with the plastic..did it rip or anything?
  8. I had this before and the plastic was destroyed after some month, however it can be replaced.
    Now I have the Epi leather Pocket organizer in brown. It has the same size like the monogram credit card holder. They have it in many colors and it is wonderful :love: ! You can see it on eluxury. I send you the link:

    Hope I could help you!
  9. oohh i like that! i ordered the holder though hopefully it will be ok..if not i will return it and now I know what i can get to replace it! thank you, definately a big help!!
  10. I have had mine about 6 months and just the other day one of the plastics ripped a little. But they can be replaced, so I don't mind. I love the cc holder, I think mostly because my granddad had a no name brand one like it and the key holder, they remind me of him. Silly I know. So replacing the plastic is worth it to me.

    Also, it is held together by a snap, don't freak (like I did) if it comes unsnapped, just snap it back, haha!! I thought I broke it !!
  11. HAHA, thank you for the warning and I think having one that reminds you of your grandad is a GREAT thing ( what better way to think of dear ol granddad than doin it in style!). It shipped out so I should be getting it that upgrade shipping for valentine's day!! Ya know I wonder how much it would be to have the plastic replaced...probably another $100 haha I HOPE NOT!!!
  12. Gee, I can't remember, I asked when I bought it, not much I want to say $40 or so.
  13. It comes with 7 sleeves, right? Did you just put in 7 cards or how many could you fit in?