Does anyone have this?

  1. Damier...Belem PM? could anyone kindly post pics with them wearing it? is quite pricey but i really love the style...irregular shaped...its so cute..!:yahoo:
  2. Yes, I have it. It is posted in my BAGSHOWCASE thread called "Goldensx5 Assorted Bag Collections" but I don't have one wearing it. It is hand held only and one of my favorite dinner to evening bags. Sma11cat posted a pic of her wearing hers a few months ago if you find all threads started by Sma11cat, you'll see it. It is dated April 25th and called: 'My First Louis...'
  3. I love this bag, you all have great taste.
    I am holding out on new purchases until after my list bags come in *sob* I want a Belem sooooooo badly.
  4. I agree this is such a fab style..I adore the shape of this bag:yes:
  5. I have one and I'll post pics for you this weekend. :yes:
  6. thanks!!! it's quite expensive though IMO
  7. ^^^ Yes, but the shape and design is worth every penny! DH loves this bag and thinks it is one of the nicest styles that LV ever made. :yes:
  8. Oh wow, the Belem is such an adorable bag. Even my fiance loved the shape. I almost got one, but since I have the Damier Speedy already, I couldn't justify it...YET!
  9. Here are my pics:
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  10. Thats a lovely bag, i love it. R u thinking of getting it, RENSKY?
  11. thinking..but it IS a bit expensive!!! :P

    addictedtolv...THANKS!!! U LOOK AWESOME WITH THE BAG!!
  12. My friend almost bought this bag - it is SO cute! I love it. I think it is a little pricey though for its size but it does have a unique shape.
  13. i think the shape and style of this bag is very sophisticated! very classy!
  14. Thank you! :flowers: It is surprisingly room for a small bag b/c the zipper opens all the way down on both sides. :yes:
  15. The shape is sooo cute!