Does anyone have this?


Jul 13, 2007
All of a sudden, I'm getting a yen for the Legacy Pocket Shoulder Tote #7466. Does anyone have this bag? Is is HUUUUGE? I'm not a big purse kinda gal, but I'm thinking for business trips and such it would be super useful as it could probably hold my papers as well as a sweater/wrap and other stuff. But I don't want it if it's overwhelming, like some of the new Thompson bags. For those who have it, does your stuff get "lost" inside? Is it heavy? Do you have pics?? THANKS SO MUCH!


Nov 27, 2007
What a bag. I wanted it soooo bad, and it is soooo great, and you need to give in to your urge, there are few new ones on eBay and if you want the white one, you can't go too used...get it. My love is the pocket buckles match the buckle on the strap. In a few years, I may look for one...