Does anyone have this?

  1. The Bleecker Leather Zip Hobo 11416?

    I'm really liking it for some reason and wanted to know if it holds a decent amount? The silhouette pic on the Coach site makes it look tiny! I don't carry much - b'berry, wallet (sorta fat), sunglassees, tylenol, lipgloss. How does it look with stuff weighting it down? And does anyone know if it's coming out in other colors other than black & brown?

    Thanks for your help!!
  2. I ordered this in the British tan and returned it right away. No problem with it holding my stuff, the bag still maintained its slim profile. But I just didn't like how the strap was so thick and heavy that it seemed out of proportion to the rest of the bag. It kinda weighed down the whole bag everytime I put it down and tried to open the bag! And the British tan did not really look like the one in the website. Mine came dull and clay like which I did not care for. Someone else probably has a more positive experience with this bag.
  3. I have it in British Tan and I love it, especially the strap! It fits most comfortably on my shoulder with the buckle facing forward. My only complaint is that it doesn't stand up when you put it down; it's not flat on the bottom at all. If possible, purchase it in person and ask to see a few to choose from, to get one you like. There is a lot of variance in the color and shading. I chose from four.

    Size-wise, I carry in it the Bleecker leather mini skinny, Bleecker leather capacity wristlet, tattersall wristlet, cell phone and keys. It does have an full length outside magnetic snap pocket that is somewhat functional for smaller/thinner items and the requisite inside zip and two small open pockets.

    The new carriage logo is on the strap and very subtle, so it's not totally out there if you're not into it. Interior and pocket lining is silky tattersall with occasional Coach script.
  4. i just bough this in british tan and i love it!! I really like the strap it's fun compared to the simple design of the bag. It's a very slim bag but still holds a fair amount plus it has a big pocket on the outside that snaps closed. It's going to take a little while for the bag to get worn in so it will sag a bit like it does in the photo online- but I think once it is I will love it even more. The only I don't like about it is that it doesn't stand up and you have to lay it flat on a table etc. But I love that it's so slim.
  5. Ooh, this is sounding very promising - thanks so much for responding!! I think if I get the PCE in December this will be my Christmas present to myself. I want a semi-dressy black bag so I was thinking of getting it in black, not the tan be/c I have a lot of brown bags...but I REALLY wish it came in other colors, too! But given you all have tan, I may have to reconsider....