Does Anyone Have This Village Soft Shoulder Tote by COLE HAAN?

  1. Hi everyone! PF member Tonij2000 has got me scouring the internet for Cole Haan bags after her latest post with the Cole Haan beauty she scored! I came across this tote, which I think is quite nice, but was wondering if anyone here on the forum has this bag, or can give some input. I know CH has wonderfully soft leather, and I think this style is nice and spacious, without being overwhelming. Here is the bag shown in "red clay". Let me know what you think:
  2. I have something very similar, mine doesn't have the 2 little side pockets. I love it. It's very roomy. I can fit a ton of stuff in there. Sometimes I use it in lieu of a work bag and will toss my laptop in there too.

    All of my CH bags have held up really well. IMO, it's great quality for the price and their styles are pretty classic too.

    I vote yes :tup:

  3. Great! Thanks!

    I was hoping I could go find this bag at a retail store to try it on, but I think it is a last seaon model, and I am not sure I will be able to find it IRL. I have found a few places online that have it.

    I really like the color, too!
  4. Try a Cole Haan Outlet if it's from last season. They might have it still. Good luck!
  5. I love the red clay color. It is sooooo pretty. I say go for it!!
  6. I'm sure it's a nice bag but I have to be honest ok? It looks a bit...nondescript?
  7. This bag also came in a hobo version, which i was very close to buying in black. The hobo is much nicer IMO
  8. I just bought the hobo version. It is an AWESOME bag! I will be adding more Cole Haan bags to my collection in the future! Here's the one I just bought..
  9. I like it good luck.
  10. NICE! Is that the color you bought as well? I have never seen this color IRL but I love it in the pix; is the picture true to color? Thanks!
  11. Actually, I have the chamois (sp?) color. (couldn't find a pic of my color) I want my next bag to be in this clay red. I really like it too! Really loving the Cole Haan Village collection.:yes:
  12. I like this style as well....:tup: