Does anyone have this TOTE?

  1. I have been looking at this tote for a while now on eBay and was wondering if anybody has it and how do they use. Also how much stuff can it hold.
  2. i had the small.
    It was exactly that, small. The inside would probably fit a little more than top handle pouch.
    Had to return it.
  3. wow that is small hopefully it can fit fit just an outfit for the weekend
  4. They are teeny.... too small for me, but it works for some people I guess... my friend has one like that one in the scribble from last year, and it works for her, but it'd be way too small for me:huh:
  5. The small is very small. There is a larger size (131 I think is the larger one, 126 the smaller one - those were the FS numbers for last year - yes 3 digit style number. There is another style number for the larger one but I can't remember what it is).
  6. i have it in gold and i love it
  7. I have the med size, it holds alot and there are lots of extra pockets everywhere. Great bag wished I used it more than I do!
  8. i stuff a lot in it too

  9. can i find that on the DD

  10. That good to know:smile: so i wont fell so bad when i get it.. I probably wont use i that much either probably just as an overnight bag
  11. I had it in that small size too. Waaaaaaaaaaay too small for me. I ended up selling it for a loss. If I had it in a much larger size it would have been great though. And in a different color because I had white and it was super hard to keep clean.
  12. There is a version of it at the outlets. I had a large one from last year but sold it as I was not using it that much, (but I kind of miss it)
  13. My mom has this size and really likes it when she's just running around doing errands. Plenty of room for the basics, and the zipper top is nice, but it is a smaller bag. good luck!
  14. i want to thank everyone for their input.

    handbag helen.>> i called the outlet the other day they did have and it was on sale..thanks