Does anyone have this style Cambon Tote?

  1. Thinking of the beige to replace my LV Mono Canvas's 2 pix from eBay:



    What do you guys think?
  2. I don't own it, but I tried it on in the store. I love it. I'm actually trying to decide between this bag and the lux bowler for my next purchase. I love it becuase of the large size, and it has a flap top. I HATE open top totes, they need atleast a zipper.
  3. I absolutely love the cambon flap style:love: I tried to find one in black with black CCs and couldn't:sad: I opted for the large tote instead. If you can get one I say go for it!!!!:yes:
  4. That style is so cute! I too, couldn't get a hold of the black/black patent CC's, so I opted for the tote instead.
  5. I have it in Black on black(no patent..) its in my bag showcase..take a look...ITS MY FAVE bag EVER...perfect in every way
  6. Thanks for everyone's opinions! Will be picking up the beige w/black cc's on Friday!!!
  7. i saw this bag atthe store and fell in love
    i tried to locate the bag at almost 6 stores
    no luck
    OH WELL i sitl have today to try
  8. Here's a pix of my bag, finally! It's huge inside and still getting used to the flap lock. But I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! Especially on sale!

    Gotten quite a lot of compliments on the bag, more so than my bl/bl tote. I guess this bag "shouts more" :rolleyes:

    Here's my new baby with her oldest sister!:biggrin:

  9. Aaaah! I love that Cambon flap style. It is a little more showy that the Black/Black combo, but in a good way. It's very chic.
    Did you get a great deal on it? From Chanel boutique or eBay?
  10. Hi Pink*Petunia!

    I got 30% off at NM, our Sak's doesn't carry Chanel or LV so I couldn't take advantage of the 40%. Still saved almost $600, I think that's what I calculated! ;)
  11. Gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  12. Very pretty style. Good choice.
  13. Love this bag and the color combo.. when i bought my tote at Chanel the SA kept telling me that this combo was soooooo "sweeeeeet" :yes: Congrads !
  14. Lovely! Congrats!
  15. Stunning! Congrats
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