Does anyone have this silver metallic boston bag?

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  1. I LOVE this bag and am thinking about adding it to my collection. Does anyone else already have it? What do you think of it?

  2. i dont have it but i must say this silver color actually pulled me towards Gucci!
  3. I have that in sand and I love mine!
  4. What is the name of that silver satchel? How much is it?
  5. I have it and I absolutely love it...tons of compliments and is hard to find and the quality is just stunning!!!
  6. I love it. Wish I had it!
  7. i'm loving Gucci's silver. i'd say go for it!
  8. i think is super cute...get it get it get it!!!
  9. 1 word... S-E-X-Y.

    I would definitely get the bag if I got the chance.
  10. get it definitely! :tup:
  11. It's here:
    [**NO ADVERTISING SITES PLEase!!!!!!***************************
    I have bought several bags from them and love them, but I am worried this time about customs fees. . . .they marked my last bag as a gift (my request) and Germany still charged me =(
  12. Thanks for the info!

  13. This is off topic, sorry. Not sure if their Gucci bags are authentic. We've authenticated one abbey from them and it didn't look right. Please ask for more pictures to look at before buying.
  14. This is why I don't participate in this forum much. I have been collecting bags for over 17 years and know what is real and what is not. I don't need a total stranger to tell me what to buy or what not to buy. I have purchase one Chanel and one Louis VBuitton (a special order bag which I could not get in Germany, and yes, I paid over "retail") from Who are you, anyway?

    I live in Germany now but am American. I stated I have bought from Unu***********m several times before and their bags are authentic (and their customer service is superb.) Why would you want to introduce drama into my simple question? Are you a competitor of theirs? I am familiar with forums (but don't come here often) and searched for UnusualThreads. . . I see some yes (with no reason given) and some no (with no reason given) but I don't see what you are talking about. Maybe you are a competitor trying to hurt the competition?

    I don't know. What I do know is that I asked a simple question ("do you like this bag?") and most said, yes, and then you said, "ask for more pictures!" Why? I don't need more pictures. If you need them, ask for yourself. Have you visited their website? There are pictures there.

    Too much drama.
  15. I did visit their site and have looked at their Gucci bags. I also have checked out their eBay listings. But I'd not buy from them since their Gucci bags look off to me. Other people have bought LV and others from them that gave thumbs up.

    The most important thing is, I doubt people who just come here recommend some sellers/Web sites that I found as questionable. I just want to warn my fellow Gucci lovers to be careful, whether you like it or not it's not my concern. It's your money afterall, stranger.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.