Does anyone have this scarf?

  1. I saw a lady @ the grocery store with this!!! And lo and behold I found it on eBay!! 50 dollars!!! I love this color, i love anything purple. I was never into scarves before, but alas my sets spurred yet another obsession
  2. It's so pretty !!! A scarf makes a statement as much as the bag does.. and accessories always turn heads!
  3. that's very pretty. :tup:
  4. I think i seen something very similar at the outlets. They were going for 49 but it could be a similar color but not the exact same one.
  5. Is it authentic? Did you post it in the authenticity thread?
    Regina :smile:
  6. don't think it's fake is it?? I didn't post it because when it arrived I compared it to ones I already have and everything checked out...Also, I looked at the scarf reference thread and the tags looks the same.