Does anyone have this round bowler?

  1. Hi ladies, Happy New Year!! Recently I have grown to like this bowler very much, I am not sure what it is called but am trying to see if I can get hold of one... for those who have this bowler, is it a heavy bag to handle? as I understand that it's a hand held ... and does it come in different sizes or just one size? Thank you in advance...

    (Pic borrowed from fellow pfer at the shopping forum)


    (add: Oops, sorry for the small pic, not sure how to enlarge it, Pls double click to see a larger pic)
  2. ^ it was on sale, not sure if there's any left!
  3. Saw something smaller and in grey at Neiman's in Mclean VA. It was on super sale from $2000 plus to $879 or something. Try calling them.
  4. This is from the "Round Bowling" collection. Not at all heavy, very easy/light to carry. I'd say it's primarily handheld-only, though if you have skinny arms it can go over the shoulders without a coat on (sort of like the Balenciaga Twiggy). This bag came in 3 sizes -- small (really really tiny), medium (the more common/practical size, also the one most stores got, orig. retail $2,195), and large (like carry-on luggage size). IMO the best features of this bag are (1) the "everyday leather" a.k.a. Cabas leather which is durable and low-maintenance, and (2) the subtle ruching detail which gives the bag its unique drape/structure.
  5. Thanks ladies for the info...

    And yes foxycleopatra, it was your thread on the return bowler that got me thinking about getting this bag again :p... I remember I was drooling all over when Maxter bought this ... I have the baby cabas and I love the leather to death, and on the other hand I love my LV speedy (tho I don't use it that often now... too many fake speedys ..sigh) I thought this would be really a perfect handheld Chanel for me .. I have sent email to my Nordstrom's SA, no news...I'll write to my NM SA ... hope she's still there, have not been contacting her for a while..

    Foxycleopatre... do you think the bowler in the ad is the medium size? .. just want to make sure I don't give the wrong info to my SA ... Thanks so much again.... ;)
  6. I love this bag too but I think they are all sold out because it was recently on super sale. Good luck on finding one and let me know if there are more available? Sometimes SAs can do miraculous things!
  7. Ice Earl, I thought I saw some at the Chanel at the Peninsula Hotel & HK airport when I was in HK a few days ago. They were on sale. You are in HK rite?
  8. Aww I wish I was in HK!! :biggrin:

    Lol the things we do for bags!
  9. HUH!!!! ... omg... I better give them a call now!! thank you my dear....

  10. Ooh! Its gorgeous though!
  11. OMG... I called Prince Building they do have it, they just said one big one small both in black, but they are not on sale... so I am going to the boutique to take a look (since I am meeting a friend downtown today).... will keep all posted.... if I don't get it there I can at least try it on....

    Add: called Peninsula also, they told me it's not on sale....:sad:
  12. Ohh they have it!!!! But not on sale.... :sad:

    I hope the "big" they are talking about is the medium in the picture! Good luck good luck good luck!!!
  13. What a surprise that only the really Chanel ugly bags go on sale. Anything half decent no. And we all know why.

    I am glad (i) I now have a sister who lives in New York and (ii) there is eBay. Even people from the US mark up their sale bags, they still come out A LOT cheaper than HK or any of the Asian countries I frequently go to (or UK....which is the worst place for Chanel.............)
  14. I am back .... no sale in HK for this bowler, the medium size is HKD17000, the small is HKD16000, but I only get to try out the medium size in the boutique, the small was just sold... I love love the bowler.... it's gorgeous... I hope my SA will be able to perform a miracle and find me the bowler...

    I saw the small bowlers in the consignment shop just now, in both black and white.. they are all pre-owned... I find that the small is not that small, I could actually put a magazine (roll up) in there... Hmmm... :tender:

    So now I will have to wait patiently for my SAs to contact me... cause there's no way I'll pay full price for this since it's slashed to half price in the US.. ...

    thanks everyone for letting me share this craving... I hope I'll be able to post pics for all... ;)
  15. So which size did you like better? The small or the medium? I'm assuming the one that was on sale was the medium... Ooh your post is making me want one even more!!!! I do hope you find one- I would hate for you to pay full price for one!