Does anyone have this problem?

  1. As soon as i see myself making progress losing weight, I relax on my dieting, and gain the weight back. Sometimes it's because I feel as if I deserve to slack off a little, because I made progress, and other times I think I just get to cocky. I know I should be even MORE motivated, and continue my routine and not let my hard work go to waste, but I don't know why I do the opposite. Does anyone else do this?

    Please help motivate me to break this cycle! It drives me nuts!
  2. I think just recognizing this is the first step. Next time you get ready to "reward" yourself, remember that it's going to probably undo some of the hard work that you've done.
  3. I kept track of my exercise on a calendar. I would tell myself that I needed to make sure I did an entry on the calendar so many times a week, so many minutes, and so many different types of activities. I am a very visual person so this helped me to stay on track.
  4. Absolutely!
  5. [raising hand] Absolutely! The worst is that I know that I'm sabotaging all of my hard earned work!! I find that I eat out of boredom, frustration, and even as habit. I'm trying to break that cycle.

    I like rileygirl's idea of keeping track of activities on a calendar. I keep one on my computer, but I need to keep one hung up in the kitchen. I'm going to try that, thanks for the suggestion!
  6. I totally do this....over the past 4 months I have lost almost 30 lbs and feel great! But now im home for summer vacation and slacking off!

    they actaully say that when trying to tone and even gain muscle, if you go any more than 48 hours without working out, those toned abs and muscled arms are already starting to deteriorate!

    sounds scary...but totally true!

    Sometimes we just have to force ourselves to stay motivated and I do that by also keeping a calendar of what to do everyday and weighing myself each day to remind myself to keep the weight off. If i start to see a pound or two coming, i QUICKLY go for a jog!

    But again i know where your coming from with it being hard to stay focused!
  7. I do that all the time...that's why my weight never moves significantly away from my "normal range"...sigh~~~~

    supposedly, a plan with goals and charts should help...and I guess you must find non-eating reward myself from keeping on track, I shall reward myself to that stylish gap canvas bag!!! YAY!!!