Does anyone have this LV?

  1. There's a picture of me with the Cerise version (I named her Cherry) in the Visual Aids thread as well.
  2. Gawd thats hot! haha - I should help you add a few more! LOL, well you know if you were my sister!!!

    Great collection Rebecca! It truly is! I think we should add The Blois in there... HAHA, I'm joking. :yahoo:
  3. Haha thanks.
    I need more hooks, as you can tell..I got more actually I'm just too lazy to put them up..I have my pochettes doubled up as you can tell :lol:
    Here is a picture of them in their entirety (I'll add the 2 Miroir ones when those come out.)
  4. dang! pochette queen here! :smile: there are all GORGEOUS! :heart:
  5. You really like pochettes :nuts:..don't you !! What a collection. They are all very cute.

    My fav : the cherry and the sakura

    They are good sizes for me but that's also the problem. I can only put in my damier wallet and Palm....that's it :angel:
  6. Lvbabydoll is the pochette queen! I love all your pochettes :love::heart:
  7. Aww thanks guys..I still have my eyes on a few more from lines I missed out on.
    I love pochettes!! Lol.
  8. LVbabydoll - your pochettes are gorgeous!! I am soooo drooling here.:love: :love:
  9. i have it, it was my very fist LV purchase! :heart:

    i think you can wear it at any age, it's timeless.
  10. I love this, a Louis Vuitton staple ! If you're considering wearing it on its own, you may want to look into getting an extender for the strap so you can wear it under your arm more comfortably.
  11. Thanks! I checked out the visual aids thread and I def think I will get it. It will be my first LV purchase, YAY! I think that I might just go check it out at our Macy's (Roosevelt Field Mall) rather than order it from ELuxury so I can see about that extender strap thing. I'll post up pics when I get it but it'll prob be a few weeks. So excited!!
  12. Good luck! You won't regret it! It's one of those LV pieces that has many uses!:smile:
  13. What's the difference between this pochette and the regular one?