Does anyone have this Large Shopping Bag?

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  1. Hello! First post here.

    I just got this “Large Shopping Bag” and love it. Does anyone else have this bag? I have a few questions for those that do.

    1. Is there another name for this bag? I think I’ve seen Classic Tote somewhere, is that right?

    2. Do you use a purse organizer insert with this bag, and if so, which one?

    3. How has this bag held up overtime?

    4. I noticed the inside cotton liner is slightly smaller than the outside leather, so the liner is a bit suspended rather than completely touching the bottom of the bag. Does yours do that?

    9BD17F40-08DE-4629-B2C6-6CFBE94306C2.jpeg 727A2703-78D5-4EFE-91EF-5497C0F87AA4.jpeg
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  2. Congrats on this beauty!!! ❤️❤️

    I plan on getting my first actual Chanel bag (only own a WOC) later this year and have been debating if I should get this as my first or a reissue. I know this bag I’d get a lot of use right away.

    With the little info I’ve seen about this bag online I keep coming across the name “Classic timeless tote”

    I hope more ppl chime in as I too am curious to find out more about this beautiful bag
  3. I have it in navy. It’s called “Timeless Classic Caviar Tote.” I do not use a purse organizer because everything I carry is in a case of some sort.

    This purse is workhorse, much like the GST, but without the big, gaudy CCs. BTW, I have a GST!

    I hadn’t noticed anything with the funky with the lining. As long as my stuff fits in it, I’m good![​IMG]
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  4. Twinning with you!, it was Chanel Caviar Classic Timeless Tote Bag. I just love it!, its the [​IMG]perfect everyday bag or Travel bag.
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  5. Thanks everyone! It's good to know its proper name, maybe I should've done a bit more due diligence before I bought it, but I just fell in love with it at the boutique (even though I was initially there to buy a boy bag but then ended up getting this because the boy just looks weird on me).

    This bag fits so much stuff, including my laptop, and somehow still manages to be pretty light. I ended up getting this purse organizer in medium and it works quite well. I frequently carry several phones with me and like having a pocket for each one. Here are some pictures of the bag in action with laptop and purse organizer. My laptop is 12"L x 9"W.
    IMG_2703.jpg IMG_2704.jpg
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