Does Anyone Have This Junior Drake? If so, What do you think of it?

  1. That is a cute bag with a nice price. I like it.
  2. I have seen other Junior Drake bags in real life, they are made of soft/nice leather. =)
  3. Do you think the straps would go over shoulder? It's so cute but if it couldn't, that would be a deal breaker for me.
  4. :search:**bump** Anyone out there have this bag?? It's so cute that I keep going back to the picture of it but would love to know if anyone has it and what it's like IRL!
  5. This is why I love tPF, all of the new stuff you can discover. I never knew about Junior Drake and after looking at the website, I think I am in love, and even better is the prices are not too crazy!!


    I think this purse is sooo cute, and maybe will be added to the collection soon! Anyone else like this too?!
  6. I know...the prices are actually reasonable!! It's just that I've never seen any of his bags IRL so it's great we have this forum to see what others "in the know" have to say about it. That is a cute bag, princessa!
  7. I know I am like drooling over it! :drool: I just really like the color, really fun! I am supposed to be concentrating on my wish list but I might just have to stray to get that bag while it is still summer and a such a nice price!

    I think I have a serious problem!!!! :p
  8. I'll be looking forward to your post after you decide! I really like the color too.
  9. Anyone???? :search:Poor Junior Drake!! If tPFers aren't interested in his bags, he's done for!!!
  10. I'm so glad this designer was posted in "under the radar" bags, and I have put the website in my favorites for sure. I don't think there was a bag that I wouldn't carry on the entire site. Other than Kooba, I think it will be my next best thing!!! cg.....I love that bag!!!
  11. Compass, if you get the Jr. Drake (anything) please report back!!! (and the prices are reasonable!!)
  12. I actually bought this purse in a Rust color from Nordstroms a few months back. It was clearance price for around $250. I really liked the bag - the leather was super soft and it was a good size (not too large, not too small) and the shoulder straps were adjustable and fit on the shoulder. I also thought the bag was really made well for the price (altho I'm not a fan of the "model" silk lining & matching sleeper bag).

    I ended up returning it though because the bag was damaged. Either someone else had bought it & used it & then returned it, or it got damaged in the warehouse. When I called about it, I was told I got the last one, so I couldn't exchange it. If it had been marked down a little more, I might have kept it, but I couldn't see spending $250 on a damaged/previously carried bag.

    If I had a chance to buy it again (on sale) I think I probably would.
  13. iluvmybags: Damaged how badly and where? I really like the look and from what I hear I will really like the feel!!