Does anyone have this I just bought it for my first

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  1. RM mam satchel darkblue

    It came out to 330 on Blue fly. Hope I love it. If anyone has let me know how it is please. Do you love it. Pics of you wearing it?
  2. I have a similar bag, the Royal Blue MAM with Brown Basketweave. Of course the coloring is different on the two bags and yours has wicker detail as opposed to the basketweave on mine but all in all, I think they are very similar .

    By the way, I love my bag and I hope you will love yours too! Please post pics when you get it!

  3. Thankgs Gung. Do you think it was a good price. I just emailed them about not forgetting a dust bag either,since there was a thread on that. I am so excited. I will def post pics
  4. Oh yeah, $330 is an outstanding price! I think thats about $35 dollars less than what the MAMs were going for at the RM sample sales. :tup:
  5. YAYAY!! I feel like I got a great bargain then.
  6. Gung I hope mine looks like yours because yours is gorgeous. The color on mine seems a bit dry. I am sure that once I see it in person everything willchange. What does the inside look like? Is it flowers
  7. I will take some pictures for you, k? BRB
  8. Here are some better pics. This is truly one of the most unique bags I own. I really love the basketweave trim and how the rich brown contrasts so beautifully with the Royal blue. It is an unexpected pairing of colors in my opinion, and is truly a stunning eye catcher.

  9. I have never seen your bag in real life but I am sure it will be beautiful. I love the look of the brown wicker detailing against the gray blue leather; its very unique looking and beautiful! I hope you will post pics! :yes:
  10. oook gung thanks. I def will be posting pics as soon as I get it. I cant wait.
    I am working on my collection, and the RM mam will be my first RM in my bag collection. I am super excited.
  11. Congrats!!! I just bought my first recently too. I love the bag you bought and it is an excellent deal! :smile:
  12. Thanks NAnash. I am a little set a back that it has 2 colors. SO I dont know how to wear it. I am sure I will figure something out. It just looks so lovely : ) How do u girls dress up the 2 tone bags
  13. Rebecca mentioned this combination (royal/basketweave) is one of her fave bags. She says she usually will pair her shoes to be one of the colors on the bag, or a scarf... outfits wise, really a lot of clothing colors go with it!
  14. :tup:desi thanks. I wear jeans all the time, so I guess I could wear the blue all the time
    I am a bit boring I guess. This will be a bag with some funky style in it. I hope I love it!!!
  15. Wow what a great price!! Congrats!

    I love the lining in yours GUNG!