Does anyone have this Hobo?

  1. I was wondering if anyone has this bag? I don'y usually carry shoulder bags and was wondering if it was comfortable and stays on the shoulder? Is the leather easy to scratch or is it durable? How about room inside and ease of access? TIA
  2. I have that one, but in the black fabric GG and leather combination. I am not sure how the leather is on that far as durability...but it felt great when I tried it on! It is such a roomy bag and so easy to access since the zipper opens wide. I have an 8-month old son and can hold him in one arm....unzip the bag....easily find what I need and rezip. I would check with others on the leather durability....but as far as the rest of the bag I highly recommend it. Yes, it sits comfortably and stays on the shoulder. And I usually have a problem with shoulder bags slipping. Let us know what you decide!
  3. Are there pockets inside or is it just one large space?
  4. I have the same shape in zebra, in the gg fabric and as far as holding stuff and staying on the shoulder and easy to carry, they are great. Most bags don't stay on my shoulder this one does.
  5. There is one zippered compartment. The rest is just an open space. No cell phone holder.....
  6. I had a black guccissima, not this exact bag but similar and the zipper was a pain to open since it's not straight across, you have to curve your wrist in a certain way and it just takes getting used to.