Does anyone have this hobo?

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  1. I I bought the large version in dark bronze and loved it. I only returned it to the boutique because DH surprised me with the Glicine struzzo tote with the same hardware a few days later.

    I thought the weight was fine and the shoulder strap comfortable. It’s deeper so one might think it’s abyss like but that never bothered me. I can’t say anything about wear over time.

    I just bought the small version for myself and that’s a snugger fit on the shoulder. The whole proportion is perhaps not as practical for a work bag. But I planned to use it as a running around bag.
  2. Thanks as always! Hope you are well....long time, no talk. So, I bought the grey and black in large from NM and will keep one or the other. Can't wait to see it....looks like an easy, breezy bag, and I love one handle hobo/totes!
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