Does anyone have this Gucci clutch?

  1. Does anyone have this Gucci Starlight clutch in either color? I need pictures for reference and also would like some opinions.

    I personally am in LOVE with it and am seriously thinking about getting the gold/white one :biggrin:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. very cute!!! i want it!
  3. Yeah, I really love it. It's something I see myself using forever and also classic.. But right now, I can't justify spending over $850 on a clutch.. :crybaby:

    So I need some serious persuasion! :yes:
  4. LOVE that clutch! It's beautiful and timeless!
  5. Oooooooooo...very edgy!!!
  6. i had the silver one, returned it a few days after i got it though, it didnt fit almost anything and the G's were very big. The openng mechanisim on this style was a pain as well and your figerprints get all over the bag everytime you open or close it so i was constantly cleaning it. Hope this helps =)
    I have the new mirror clutch in silver and love it, much better bag IMO
  7. Thanks for your response! It was very helpful. Do you think you could post pictures of your mirror clutch for me? Modeling pictures would be great! If not, don't worry about it. Thanks anyway!
  8. sure, ill put some up tonight =) ill start a new post with the pics
  9. Yay! Thanks!
  10. I think it is beautiful.