Does anyone have this glazed deerskin prada bag - opinions!?

  1. I'm thinking of getting this, and as a relatively non-informed Prada shopper, I wondered what you experts thought - especially if you've seen it in person? And what's its official name?
    glazed deerskin hobo:gtote.jpg
  2. It's pretty big and if you're someone that really fills up their bags, you probably will find the chain strap very uncomfortable on your shoulder. Otherwise it's a rockin' bag! :rockhard:
  3. I love this bag, but its a unusal stlye and the chain could get heavy. Still its on my list! But then I like an edgy look.
  4. It's called Cervo Lux tote. It's amazing leather, has this glace over the leather, absolutely stunning IRL!
  5. I returned mine due to the heavy chain, not really comfortable on the shoulder. I didn't even put my all my stuff in it. The bag is truely stunning though, the leather is yummy.