does anyone have this color-transfer problem?

  1. a while back, i saw an azur speedy 30 that was being sold online (can't remember which website) for $400. i don't know if this is the reason the person was selling it, but she said that the dye of her jeans had rubbed off onto the bag, on the edges, and there were pictures of it. i don't own this bag, so i don't know, but does anyone have/ or has had this problem? i'm just wondering if this is a common problem, since seems like a terrible thing to happen to such a nice bag!:confused1:
  2. I don't have any Azur (planning on getting something VERY soon) but I have never had color transfer on any of my bags. But most of my jeans have been washed a million times and are not super dark to begin with.
  3. I have not had this problem. But if it's a new pair of jeans I could see it perhaps. Those dark jeans warn you about dye transfer. Some people have sofas that have been ruined by them. I always wash my new dark jeans before I wear them near anything precious.
  4. I do have color transfer from my dark blue jeans onto the leather strip at the back of my new manhattan gm! this is very annoying :crybaby:
  5. yeah, i do think this can happen. :sad:
  6. I have read about this happening in previous posts. Boy, I would be really upset if it happened to my bags.
  7. I've heard about it too. That would sure upset me!
  8. Argh youre starting to put me off getting any azur...please tell me this doesnt happen!
  9. I think this has got to do more with the quality of the dye used on the jeans than the bag.
  10. it happened to my audra but i think it's pretty much gone. it was at the corners but the corners are more worn now anyway.
  11. I've heard that this can happen. I just make sure not to wear my really dark jeans with my azur speedy unless I've washed them a few times. So far I haven't had this problem.
  12. Yes, the zipper on my Azur cles has some denim dye on it :sad:
  13. I had a pink hoodie from vs color transfer onto the new vachetta on a speedy 25 that I had. It was very light but still noticeable, as the bag started to patina it eventually went away and was no longer noticeable.
  14. So as long as you make sure to wash your new clothes first, there shouldn't be any trouble, right?
    I haven't had any transfer onto my azur and I pretty much wear jeans 98% of the time.
  15. I've had some color transfer on the vachetta of my Speedy when I wore a black shirt :sweatdrop: But it was easily cleaned with babywipes. I had previously sprayed the vachetta with Wilson's too. :idea: