Does anyone have this clutch?

  1. Hmmm... honestly, I don't think it's as sophisticated as I'd want it to be at $1500... I don't want to be a kill-joy, but for an extra $500 the python one is amazing and very sleek... I like the "edgy" look to it... the patent below it is also nice and it's only 995, too... I don't know, just IMHO... Then again, I'm usually a hobo type bag girl, not a clutch girl. Wait for other opinions. Depends on if you like the fun, patchworky-ness of it or if you're looking for something edgy for an evening out. Good luck deciding!
  2. as much as i :heart: gucci... i couldn't see myself paying $1500 for that clutch. But if you love it and can see yourself using it, go for it :tup:. Good luck!!!
  3. yah, i agree, thanks guys, it's just soo expensive. I do love the color combo and the python is beautiful too! I just wish it was cheaper :sad: