Does anyone have this Chloe?

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  1. It's the paddy hobo. i don't have it but tried it on and IMO it's a bit large and pretty heavy but it's a nice bag.
  2. That's the hobo, they just have it stuffed full so it looks taller.


    Actually though... I didn't spend any amount of time looking at that site. The front pocket looks so tall... either it's a different size hobo or it's fake.
  3. oh! its sooo stuffed it looks completely different then the other pics i have seen of the hobo thanks for the info! how heavy is heavy? does anyone own this? and what can it fit??
  4. There are north/south (tall like the Jem picture) and east/west (wide like the NM picture) versions of the bag in at least two sizes (medium and large). I have tried both and like the n/s version better.
  5. I have this Chloe - it's the Hobo. I have it in the size shown in the fab Whisky Tan color. I'm actually trying to sell it at the moment so if anyone's interested - I have it on Ebay but would rather sell privately. The bag is great - I'm only selling as I have the regular paddington in the same color & can't keep both.

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  6. I have the hobo in the large size (like Jem pic) and it is much easier for me to carry compared to my Paddy! Although I would say its slightly heavier, it fits on the shoulder really well. It's a very nice slouchy bag which can hold a lot too! I'll try and post some pics soon...
  7. I've got the east/west hobo like the silver NM photo but in chocolate. I was just mulling over returning it to NM because it's a tad heavy and I'm thinking I may be over the padlock thing.... it is handier though IMO than the satchel but I like the size/weight of the satchel better (hobo weighs 1/2 pound more)
  8. I like the NS/Med version too. Being petite it fits nicely and doesn't take up my entire body like the EW/Larg version.

    I also agree that it is easier to use. Fits great on the shoulder and is easier to get in and out of.

    As for the weight, I don't know how much more or less it weighs in comparison to the satchel. Maybe since it's only one strap if feels heavier?? like the wieght isn't distributed as much as the 2 handle satchel??
  9. I was looking for this Paddy for months. I called all over for it in Dec and had no luck. I was told by the Chloe rep they discontinued it for the EW style (now on NM website). There were 2 sizes - one approx 12"x12" and the other 15"x12". I was looking for the smaller size. I think it looks great - but I have never seen one in person. It's on my wish list.:lol:
  10. I have a version like the one on NM website. I bought it from Saks and it's Bordeaux. I really love it. It can be heavy, but it all depends on how much stuff you're used to carrying in your bag. I like that version better than the double strap because it's easier to carry on your shoulder. I want my bag to be functional and I have never been able to get into things I can't carry over my shoulder.
  11. Gorgeous bag! I have the whiskey paddington and its TDF!! I love Paddy's!!
  12. so cute!
  13. I've been thinking of getting this bag for a while too...i've decided that if the paddy satchel won't fit over my shoulder comfortably, then it will probably just end up annoying me.:shame: Which is why i prefer this one. I'm a bit concerned that it is heavier though...
    That's why i love my Mulberry Rosemary, cos you've got the option of hand holding or lugging it on your shoulder.
    Great the whiskey color^^ :yes:
  14. i don't like its square bottom......and its too heavy for me...