Does anyone have this chanel flats??

  1. I've been looking for these flats for a while now.. Does anyone have these flats? How does the sizing go? Price?

    I saw these flats only once on a very stylish lady, since then i fell in love with these....

  2. they fit very true to size, it retails for $550CAD, not sure aobut the price in USD.
  3. ooh where did u find it? Do u think they still have it in Chanel Toronto? even Holt's?? Are there any other colors??
    I suppose the ones that i found on eBay are much more expensive..
  4. Love those!
  5. nice flats, i dont know if its still in stock here in the US
  6. wow so cute.
  7. *drooling over here!!*
  8. I have a pair and love them to death!!!! Very comfortable, and I can shop the whole day long with them!
    Here is a pic of mine posting with my Chanel wallet...
  9. oooh the pink looks sooo cute.. i've been wanting the black w/ white toe cap.. what other colors does it come?
    i'm quite sure there's some in chanel toronto.. i just don't have the gut to come in there yet. lol i need to do some research first. hehe.
    how about size??? i heard chanel's sizes are quite small compare to other brands.

  10. Hum, I am usually in size 6 1/2, but since this pink one is the one and only one in store, I have to take it! It is too gorgeous for me to walk out without it, right? Anyway, this pair is size 8:sweatdrop:, my heel doesn't come out when I walk, I guess is the black elastic that does the trick. I hope that elastic part won't loosen, or else, I might have problem in the future.:push: I have a Chanel pump, and it is in 6 1/2 (my usualy size), and it fits perfectly!

    BTW, I loveeeee that black/white one too, it is gorgeous! Hope you will find it! I got mine from NM.
  11. wow, that's quite a difference in size, eh? i'm a 6-6 1/2 too.. but i'm not sure what to buy in chanel.. even though the price in canada is more expensive (plus i live in Ontario which means i'd have to pay 14% tax), but i suppose it's a bit hard now to find the shoes in the states..
    i found some on eBay and they're selling it for more that $650! that's just insane...

    btw, when u wear that size 8, does it feel really loose or does it feel okay?
  12. I visited Vancover/Victoria Island last summer, and yes, I sure remember the sales tax there...I guess I shouldn't complain with our 8.75 sales tax here in California!

    I wonder if you buy from NM, would they waive the sale tax...give that a try, afterall, I got mine from them.

    Eventhough is size 8, I am surprise that I feel okay with it. I guess if and when the elastic around the rim of the flat loosen, I can put one of those heel pads there to tighten it
  13. pablohoney, I need to make a correction here:

    Chanel does seem to run smaller than the normal size. I just check the size of my Chanel pump, and it is half a size larger than my instead of 6 1/2(36.5), mine is a 7 (37).
  14. WOW I love them.
  15. petals12, how much did u pay for the flats in NM?