does anyone have this carly in this color?

  1. its black/white carly with sliver hardware and i guess it is only sold in department stores?? :confused1:

    if anyone has it i would love to see pics :yahoo:
  2. I saw one at Macy's. I am not a fan of it, I kindof think it looks like a fake...
  3. They also have this color available in the reg. Carly available to order from Coach. Fluffy614 ordered it from JAX. :yes: I like the black/grey sig with the silver hardware.
  4. i love it soo much i'm surprized that it is only sold at dept. stores
  5. I bought it, but returned it and exchaged for the khaki with choc trim. I wear a lot of grey and black and I wear all silver toned jewelry, but I just wasn't feeling the bag like I thought I would or should. It is a lovely bag though.