Does anyone have this bag?


Sep 29, 2009
Mililani, Hawaii
I came across this bag at saks and think its cute! I'm looking for a crossbody bag that I can just throw my phone, money /cc and keys and run with my 2 kids in school and actives its just easy and fast. I have a lot of bag and all are large. Does anyone have this bag and can tell me if you love it or hate it? And if the size is decent?<>fo...5&P_name=Gucci&sid=13C6859BF49A&bmUID=jNyC1u0
i have one similar to this, but mine is a little more flatter. its pretty small. it is perfect to fit a phone and a card case for a quick run with errands. unfortunately, mine cant fit keys.
May 25, 2006
Ok thanks!!! Do you have the brown or cream color/trim? I'm kinda torn between both colors. I also seen it on in a Metallic antique rose color. So I can't make up my mind all all 3 colors lol....