Does anyone have this bag??

  1. And would you mind modeling it for me?? I'm trying to get a good idea of the size of this beautiful thing...



    And I'd was hoping someone might be able to model this one for me too...


    Thanks! Everyone on this forum is awesome :smile:
  2. This looks like a top handle pouch, which is very tiny. Unfortunately I don't have this bag so I can't model it for you. Hopefully someone does!
  3. Yes, that is a top handle pouch. It is quite tiny and hand held only. It will not go over the shoulder.
  4. I have the swingpack...but want the pouch!!
  5. You know what, I thought the same thing but after seeing my 2 sister-inlaws who are a size 1 if that (I think one is a zero) wear them on their shoulders and look like regular big bags, I changed my mind ! It will not go over my shoulder I am quite sure !
  6. The pattern makes me dizzy.
  7. I should have put this up earlier...


    Check out the pic in the top corner. Compared to her, it doesnt look so bad....

    I have the pouch on its way to me now, but i might end up getting the tote looking one if the smaller one isnt as functional as I'd like to be...

    Why cant I find the perfect shape and style???? Does anyone else have that problem????
  8. So!

    No one has this bag??? Please help if you do!

    I got this bag on eBay. My payment cleared on the 4th and I have yet to receive it. I really just want to see how big it really is...

    Can anyone post any sort of reference for me? Please?!? I'm losing my patience and I should have had it days ago!!!

    I'm going crazy!!!

  9. I don't own it but if you haven't gotten it yet, I'd email the seller and ask where it is. Did you pay with paypal?

    And yeah, the picture of her holding the bag makes it look bigger than it probably is unless she's very tiny. I'm a fluffier person and my top handle pouches don't look that big on me!
  10. if this is the same size as this its small


  11. The seller said she had a family emergency and said she wouldnt have access to her email until the 15th.. And she said that she'd have a friend mail it out for me by wednesday, which was last wednesday.. I'm not concerned with it being a few days late I am just so curious about it, its making me crazy!

    I love the color pattern of this bag, and i'm hoping it has a good size to it. I assumed that the woman in that pic had to have been like a size 4 or smaller anyways. If its too small then its too small... I just cant take the suspense any longer!

    I'm sure she'll email me about it tomorrow... Until then....
  12. I own a couple of top pouches. They are small. I am about a size 8 and they barely go over my shoulder, more like an arm small demi bag. I snugly fit a zip around wallet, my cell phone, lip gloss and my Pill case in there and that is IT. Do you want me to take pictures of it on me??
  13. I have the carly top handle pouch. I put it on my shoulder sometimes and I am not very small. I can fit a wristlet, cell phone, pens, gum, small mirror, chapstick, and various reciepts in there. Its a tighter fit but not uncomfortable. I like mine and I think it is great if you want to bring necessities and not have to worry about lugging something large around.
  14. I have to say, that isn't an accurate picture. Even if you're very petite, it's not gonna look THAT big on you.

  15. no, thats ok, thank you... I went to my local Coach store and checked out the top handle pouches.. I guess that I'm hoping for a miracle.. I'm hoping that the scarf print one is bigger than the other ones i checked out at the store......

    I'm assumed that chick in the picture was pretty small anyways... it still looks like a good size next to her... and I'm 5'3, but heavier that that woman too.. but still, it doesnt seem as small as the other ones and the handle seems longer than the other ones too.... so i dont know. I just wish the seller would get on the ball already and let me know whats going on. The anticipation is killing me.