does anyone have this bag ...


    i cant really get my head around whether it is really too small for day to day or not ... does anyone have one? If so, what can you fit? I only really need to fit some make up, a phone, wallet (small) and thats kinda it ... oh and keys and stuff.
  2. i've never seen that bag before. but judging by the measurements, it looks like it could fit that and then some. :balloon:
  3. yeah - i thought so but then i read a post just a little down (capsule) that says its tiny like a pochette! so now am confused ...
  4. I actually ordered this bag from Saks (in Olive), but ended up returning it. Super cute bag, loved it, but it was too small for me. So, make sure the dimensions are what you're looking is an adorable bag.
  5. I don't have this bag but i've seen it IRL. It's bigger than the pochette. If all your going to put in it is a small wallet, phone & makeup. It should be fine but you wont' have room for much else. Hope that helps. Plus you can always buy it from another dept. store to try it out. Then if you like it return it and get it cheaper from diabro.;)
  6. chinky i would LOVE to do that but in australia we dont exactly have many stores that carry Chloe. There's only 2 in Sydney that i know of and they only have standard paddys (not many either) and some bay bags.
  7. Guess it was me who said that it is like a pochette:yes:....I guess it is porchette size in my book....Sorry for the confusion. Now, there are 2 different sizes of the shoulder-style capsule paddington. There was one that retailed for around $800 at beginning of fall'07, which is really small imo, not much bigger than a LV pochette. Don't know if you are close to a place that carries LV. If you can, take a look at the LV pochette irl and this bag is about 1" bigger all the way around. No thickness to the bag, however. It was too small for me as well.

    Shown here in

    And, there is the paddington flap, which is also a shoulder-style capsule style paddington, and that one is def bigger. About 12" in width and maybe 9-10" high. A little bit bigger than an A4 paper.

    Hope this helps. I will try to find modeling pics.