Does anyone have this bag???

  1. If anyone has this bag or remembers this bag can you let me know what the interior looks like? Also, what year is this from?

  2. It looks like a herrginbone, I remember the color but not that style. I think its from 2003-2004ish.
  3. It's wool. It doesn't have a herringbone pattern on the outside.
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  5. Are you sure that is Coach? To me it looks like something you would get at the gap or something. I dont remember seeeing a bag like this. Sorry I wasnt more help!
  6. it's coach....the picture is from the drilldown.
  7. I had it but i sold it on eBay... bought it for 35 sold it for 40 lol... it was too small... they have a huge one that i ve seen on eBay very rarely
  8. oh i m sorry the interior is dark brown and has like white lines goign through it in a square pattern if tha makes sense? like a science or math notebook