Does anyone have this bag?

  1. Haven't got it but have seen it IRL. It's very soft and pretty big - bigger than it looks. It's very classy looking.
  2. i love this bag!
  3. It's gorgeous in real -- LOVE it! It's very soft.... I can't believe it's on sale!!!
  4. Congrats on the new bag! Signature Miuccia, IMO.:smile:
  5. Can't wait for it to arrive. Any modeling pics?
  6. It came in and is a keeper. The leather looks like it is washed. How does one maintain/condition this? I am afraid it might scratch easily.
  7. ^ Congrats!!!! I keep looking at this....modeling pics when you get a chance!!! Enjoy her--lovely bag!!!
  8. Simplicity personified... it's gorgeous, however I prefer the silver one on net-a-porter... nevertheless an absolutely stunning bag that goes with everything:nuts:
  9. Dont' like that price tag :tdown:, plus I prefer a smaller bag when it is metallic. My first Miu Miu and I am in love.:yahoo:
  10. I have seen it, it is gorgeous and a fabulous buy.....Congrats!!!!
  11. wow..I love that color!Post pics!!!