Does anyone have this bag?? -"new britt" medium hobo

  1. new britt medium hobo with single strap....

    link: Gucci

    I want to see pics of someone wearing it! it sounds like it's not that wide...
  2. I have been looking at this bag, too!! I like it because its a shoulder bag. I 'm not sure what color to get. Which color were you looking at? If anyone has pics, please post. Thanks
  3. Sorry I can't post a picture but I have it. I really love it. Fits nice on the shoulder and it is a good size. I have the ebony/ivory and I bought it as a summer bag (although I have worn it this winter with a white sweater.) I have already received compliments on it and I haven't seen anyone else with it yet.
  4. I was looking at the beige/ebony with dark brown leather trim!!
  5. I just ordered it...I love this bag i seen it at nemians about 2-3 months ago...And fell in love when i first seen it. I went through so much for it. They are sold out everywhere.
  6. oooh, i have it! gimme a sec, I'll post the pic
  7. Here it is! Sorry took so long :o)
    I looove this bag! I love it in white really, I saw the dark brown also at NM, but it lacks that "punch"...I also bought it for summer, but have been wearing it with a cream cashmere coat
    new britt.JPG
  8. that bag looks fabulous on you!
  9. That bag does look really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Wow! Great bag. I like how it fits on shoulder. Great size.I think I will strike the black fabric, choice, it does look great with white leather. I think I'm leaning toward the brown with dk leather.Brown is the new black they say!!
  11. So adorable. I would def. get it!!
  12. I like it!!!! If its a shoulder bag you need, thats a good one. It looks really deep. hehe
  13. awww..thanks guys! Yes! Go get that bag!
  14. it is very nice bag ,i like so much ,i think u are good friend:smile: :p
  15. LOVE this bag! I think this is going to be 'the one' - my first Gucci :heart::love:

    It's sold out here in Canada - does anyone know if I would be able to order it through or the Gucci store in Toronto?? Anyone know what the price is in Canadian dollars or where I can get it? :crybaby: