Does anyone have this bag from last year's Legacy collection?

  1. Never in a million years did I think that I would ever consider buying a white bag, as I am the anti-white purse and shoe woman. Come to think of it, I hardly ever wear white clothing, either!

    Here it is (and this is an eBay photo, BTW):


    I have fallen in love with this bag but I've never seen it in person so I am a little hesitant about it. It you have it or if you've seen it, can you tell me how white the leather is? Is it more of a creamy white or bright white? I definitely couldn't pull it off if it's bright white. Also, is it fairly close in size to the current Legacy Flap bags? All of the eBay auctions have different measurements listed so I really can't go by what the seller says.

    Thank you!! :flowers:
  2. I have the wristlet in this color. This "white" color is more creamy - great for those who don't do "stark white" like me. It's really a good year around neutral.
    This leather is pretty cleanable, and if you get scratches, it will enhance the "vintage" look.

    I love this legacy bags. Size on this is like a "demi" though --- the smallest shoulder bag. Great for very thin, small women and girls (like my 13 yr old). But ^^^ is not me! - So bag too small for my uses.

    Beautiful neutral color I think - I've taken the wristlet out many times.
  3. Thanks, Abby. I really appreciate your input. I really think I might go for it!
  4. It is small. Make sure you know that going in. It is a winter white. I have it in the 7466 style.
  5. NSP, do you think it's smaller than the current Legacy Flap? Coach's measurements for the Legacy Flap are 9 3/4 (L) x 5 (H) x 2 1/2 (W). The seller's measurements for this legacy bag are 10 x 5 x 3 and another seller has them at 10 1/2 X 5 1/2 X 1 1/2. I suspect that the first measurements include the width of the pockets on the front.

    Thank you!!
  6. Rough guess is that it is a little bigger than the Legacy Flap. I saw one in bronze at Lancaster a few weeks ago.
  7. Thank you!! :flowers:
  8. This bag is at the outlets now!! I saw several today!
  9. I think anotheremptysky has that but in brown?? or had it in white but it yellowed?? you may want to pm her about it!!
  10. ^^Thank you both!!