Does anyone have these?

  1. Does anyone have either of these Tiffany sterling pieces?

    Somerset Ring
    Knot Earrings

    I'm going to NY and hope to buy a piece from Tiffany to commemorate my trip. I'm considering both of these (and am open to other suggestions). I had thought about the lock charm but fear it is too big for my charm bracelet. TIA!
  2. I have the knot earrings and they're great for everyday wear. The only bad thing about the earrings is that so many people have them.
  3. I wanted to get the knot earrings, but my store was out of them. Love the simple styles of both of your choices.
  4. Thanks eckertle and Texas Girl. We'll see what happens when I get to the store...
  5. They're both very cute, although I'd personally get more wear out of the earrings. I'm not much into rings, but this is cute!
  6. I have the earrings too. I love them- they are perfect for everyday wear.
  7. The earrings are very classic!