Does anyone have these yet

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  1. I want to order this in black, but would like to know if they are true to size and how do you like them.

  2. I have the pink ones from a few seasons ago, and they are true to size. :yes:
  3. are they comfy, like sneakers? I was looking at them too...
  4. I think it may just be my feet, but none of coach's shoes are comfy on me unless I wear them a few times. I have to break them in! :biggrin: Once I do though, they are very comfy. I would compare them to sneakers on feel, they are pretty padded on the inside. If you don't need the most current ones, you might want to check out DSW that's where I got mine for about $40.
  5. ^^^Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely check there first!
  6. Thanks
  7. Mine are the Jenilee flat...but I'd agree they are true to size.