Does anyone have these Tiffany earrings? Reference Photos?

  1. Those are beautiful earrings! Why don't you go into the store and try them on?
  2. From the size of the earring back, these are dinky. Probably .20ct each.
  3. I've seen them at Tiffanys and the color is stunning. I think they are on the small size but you can clearly see that they are a beautiful blue.
  4. ^ Exactly what I was going to say. They look small (but they are pretty)...
  5. I think they are pretty, but that is a very steep price for aquamarines.
  6. very small and very expensive.
  7. I saw a pair that looked just like those at my local Costco about four months ago for around $70 Canadian! the only difference was they were made with white gold. I thought about it for too long and they were all gone by the time I decided that I wanted to have a pair! They were just as nice as the Tiffany's. I still kick myself for not jumping on them to this day!!
  8. beautiful but totally small. not sure its worth it. something of that price should at least have a creative memorable design
  9. that much for dinky little aquamarines? seriously?
    that is ridiculously overpriced, even more than usual for tiffany.
  10. I think they are really pretty and have good color. I'm going to chime in w/ many other ladies, the price seems super steep. You can find aquamarine w/ good color for much less. I'm probably one of the few ppl though that has no interest in owning anything from Tiffany's, b/c I think you pay for the name, not the item.

    BUT- if you want these and love Tiffany's, I'm sure you'd be very happy with them, the color is lovely!
  11. I have a few Diamonds by the Yard pieces and have never been sorry I bought the real thing. The copies aren't as special.