Does anyone have these shoes?


Looking for LVOE

I'm usually pretty up on my shoes, but somehow these got by me. Does anyone :

1) have them
2) know what season they're from
3) know how they fit

The reason I ask (3) is b/c I have Katelyns that I wear 9s in, Barretts that I wear 8.5s in & Dawnells that I wear 8s in!:nuts: So maybe I just have weird feet!:P

Thanks guys!
Well, I got mine for my birthday this season in July.
They fit the same as Barretts IMO. ALthough, I bought a 7 in the last pair of Barretts I bought and I have these in the denim in a 7.5. They both fit though... I have weird feet.
May 27, 2006
Thanks! I just didn't want to get them & them be too small. I don't mind wearing thick socks, but I can't stand anything hurting my toes even slightly! I have weird feet, too! LOL!!