Does anyone have these "Return to Tiffany" Heart Earrings?

  1. I kind of like them. Opinions anyone? :push:

  2. I have them. My two sons got them for me for Valentine's Day. At first I thought they were a little too juvenile for me (I'm 38!), but I actually wear them quite a bit. I get a lot of compliments on them because when they catch the light they really shine. I haven't had any problems with them. Since then I've gotten the matching bracelet and heart lock charm.
  3. I agree, cute is a perfect description.
  4. I think they're cute. I'm thinking about getting a pair to match my necklace & bracelet.
  5. I love these earrings also. I'm considering getting a pair. Let us know what you decide!
  6. They are soo cute. I love silver jewelry and you could wear them to work everyday. Classic and cute!!
  7. They are really cute. I think they would be fine for everyday.
  8. I bought them for my daughter's Sweet 16. They are very nice. And they are a good substantial size, they cover most of her earlobe.
  9. Thanks! I hope I can get them!
  10. Those are really cute!
  11. I love them I what to get them next. I have these now.

  12. I have them and they tarnished really, really fast. I need to get them back to Tiffany's for a cleaning. THey're a little "big" on the earlobe and very flat, but they're cute.
  13. Very cute. I am also planning on getting them :smile:
  14. I like them !
  15. they're awesome earrings but i must mention that they're really delicate (the post can bend if not careful removing them from the pouch, i'm not really sure how to explain it but you'll see what i mean if you get them and take them out)