Does anyone have these Paddy styles??

  1. I have yet to see these in rl. I was perusing the Cricket website when I noticed that they had started carrying Chloe. We have the zip lid paddy in midnight blue, side lock paddy in cream and taupe, and the shoulder strap paddy in dove.

    I was wondering whether anyone here owned these following styles and what do you ladies think about it?

    I kind of like the lid zip Paddy in that midnight blue but it looks kind of small to me.
    sidelockpaddy.jpg lidzippaddy.jpg shoulderstrappaddy.jpg creamsidelockpaddy.jpg
  2. someone here had posted about the 3rd one with the shoulder strap.. they didn't like it and sent it bag. the others i've never seen before..
  3. Hmmm...can't quite put my finger on it, but...these styles just aren't doing anything for me.
  4. :lol: a lot of us do this! I guess we really are obsessed! ;) I've only seen the shoulder strap paddy, too (on another thread) The style of the midnight blue is definitely unusual...
  5. I believe the 1st and 4th bags are the Chloe East-West Paddingtons (someone correct me if I`m wrong). I :heart: the cream color one but I don`t own one :cry:. The midnight blue one looks very cute too! :yes:
  6. I love that blue nuit and wish I could see the lid IRL, coz I'm not sure it's the most practical zip for a bag!

    I've seen the new eastwest ones, they're smaller than the satchels and come without the side buckles - personally that annoys me! I'm not a huge fan of them.

    I've heard the shoulder strap is impractical coz the bag hangs too low.
  7. I like the style and love the colour :love: of the second one!
  8. hi,what do you mean by east-west paddingtons?
  9. The east-west Paddy has the lock on the side. See the pics of the 1st and 4th bag? I guess it's just called east-west coz it's kinda a more elongated shape, y'know, like from East to West.
  10. It is just the name of the Collection. The lock is smaller and hooks on the side rather than top.

    The bleu nuit is left from Fall/Winter 2005. I think it is the small vanity case and takes 3 hands to get in and out of it with ease.
  11. You explained it so much better. It does look like the lock is the same size - it just proportionately looks smaller.
  12. ^^ Lol! That's a first for me. Usually I just confuse the heck out of ppl.:lol: I'm not sure about the lock size.. it may well be smaller. I love your description of the vanity case! How true. Or two hands, a sit down and a lap.:lol:
  13. good explanation of the collection name. so is the east-west the latest season of 06 or smth??
  14. do you know what their url is?