Does anyone have these eyeglasses? What is your opinion on them?

  1. Okay so I need new eyeglasses and surprise surprise I want Chanel ones lol. I saw these in a store the other day...tried them on and loooved them! They only had the Tortoise color which looked great on but I was kinda hoping to get Black ones. What I liked about the Tortoise though is that the CC on the side was in gold. The plain Black ones only come with a silver CC which is dissapointing. But anyway I am either gonna get the Tortoise ones or order the Black ones.

    Sorry this isn't about a purse but I wanted to get your opinion on them. I will probably buy them this weekend and have my prescription put into them. Do you like? :smile:

  2. Those are totally cute and chic! I like the tortoise and the black ones
    Dont forget to show us modeling pics!
  3. i have a pair of simple plastic framed ones! i love them!

    and i think the pair you are getting is darling!
  4. I, too, like the tortoise color!! Where did you see them? I just got a new script for glasses and would love to update.
  5. I have a Chanel black pair (diff. style), FYI your doctor can order the ones that you really want. I will post pictures of my glasses later today, I have them for 1 year and are very comfortable too.
  6. I like them, but it all depends on the shape of your face.
  7. I have the one size up in these. I have 4 pairs of Chanel opticals, from really small to medium size glasses to these larger ones.... They are comfortable and never leave a mark on my face.

    The side thingy is kind of cute, but you can't see how it opens, when it's on the face.

    ETA - wait, I just checked the number and mine are also C839, so maybe mine are the same size as in your picture.
    glasses.jpg glasses2.jpg
  8. Yeah I like your color cuz it has the gold CC. Is that black with orange??
  9. ^^ Yes it's a pale natural orange.

    I also have a pair with a pinkish colour inside. I find they are a little softer looking than all black. I'm a bit too fair for all black.
  10. They r so cute. How much were they? TIA

  11. Here's mine a little bit thinner but they are black and are very comfortable too. I also love your selection, I'm loving the black color;)
    chanleye1.JPG chaneleye2.JPG chaneleye3.JPG
  12. I think $300. Not cheap. With everything I need it will cost over $500.
  13. I love them...Maybe if you look around on line you might be able to find them cheaper.
  14. I was looking for these at a discounted price in the pearl black. I tried them on along with a few others and fell in love. I just need to find them cheaper. It sucks my DH's insurance no longer allows you to go to franchised stores for eyeglasses.
  15. Yeah I would love to find them online cheaper but I get worried if they will be just as good as the ones in the store. I mean are there online eyeglass stores that sell real Chanel eyeglasses?