Does anyone have these burberry boots?

  1. I was browsing Nordstroms website and noticed these really cute boots. I was wondering if one has these and how to they fit. Can jeans be tucked in? Retails for $855, is it worth it?

    thanks in advance.
  2. I ordered them in a 41 a few weeks ago because I couldn't find 42 anywhere but I don't think they will fit. I figured I'd try them and can always return them if they don't. Every blue moon I can fit a 41....but I seriously doubt it in a boot. I like them though ...not sure if I like the bronze color or the black better.
  3. I was going to order but Nordstroms says won't ship for 7-12 weeks. I really wish I could try them first as I also don't know which color, black or bronze.
  4. Cute!!
  5. Those are cute.
  6. i like those, they're different without being "wacky".