Does anyone have these boots?

  1. I think they're so gorgeous, but read somewhere that they aren't waterproof? I'd hate to get them and not be able to wear them. If you have them, how do you like them and how are they holding up? Thanks! :smile:
  2. I don't have them but they look like a leather motorcycle boot...not something I'd expect to be waterproof. I do have a pair of biker leather Choo boots from a few years ago and have worn them when it is raining slightly with no problems.
  3. I love my motorcycle boots, but they are leather. If it's really raining hard I wear my Jimmy Choo Hunter rain boots. These boots are rugged and comfortable, but only wear them on a rainy day if you want to ruin them!
  4. I have them also and love them, they're not waterproof, so use a protection spray or wear rain boots!
  5. LOVE these! Is this the medium height, furless ones?

    Will be travelling to London and Paris soon, where do you think I can get JC's cheaper?
  6. I know this thread is a few months old, but I just got these boots and love them! Mine are the fur lined ones. They are just regular soft leather though.
  7. I'd love to see some pictures!
  8. I purchased the bootie version of these boots and so far I've been loving them. I have only worn them a few times but they feel very lightweight and compared to Frye boots that I have in a similar style they are much more comfortable. Once I did wear them while it was lightly raining outside and didn't notice any water stains. Here are some pictures..



  9. Don't have em but I wih did! Gorgeous and they look comfy!
  10. I think I'll wear them tonight and try to take some.
  11. I keep forgetting to take pics even though I wear these boots constantly. I love them! Here are a couple I took in the mirror recently
    image-1200032398.jpg image-4242881186.jpg image-3072053265.jpg
  12. I have these and wear them a lot. Rain, snow you name it. They're so comfortable and perfect in every way. I like that they're getting more and more worn in looking
  13. They look great on you! I adore mine, they do get better with age!
  14. i got them in the longer version, and they're SO COMFY! I was having problems with my valentino boots and how they were hurting my pinky toe, it was like walking on clouds when i changed into them!!

    i wouldn't call them "waterproof" but i dont see a problem with wearing them in the rain, aslong as its not like REALLY bad... so far they've been holding up great!
  15. I agree! I wear them more than any other shoes/boots I own right now.