Does anyone have the YSL bow bag?

  1. I keep looking at this bag, and am still undecided. I think it is very pretty....but that it might not be practical with that large flap over the top and no zipper.
    Just wondering if anyone has you like it? Anything that really bugs you about it? What color did you get? TIA for your help!
  2. I contemplated getting this bag last year, but when I went to look at it at YSL, what turned me off was that it was much bulkier than I had thought from the photos, so make sure that you feel okay about the depth of it because the bow adds on girth.
  3. Hi there, I do have one and I just love it ! My advice is that if you like it and want it think you should just buy it. There’s not a single thing that bug me….here's a pic


    I have the black one
  4. Do they still sell this in stores? thought this was from a previous season
  5. i saw this in stores sometime in july. It was in metallic gold. It's a lovely bag. My younger sister loved it.
  6. I LOVED this bag when it first came out last year... I wanted a metallic silver one so badly but unfortunately they didn't carry it in Canada.. booo...

    I think it's a really cute fun purse that's still has a conservative side to it. Since the flap covers the entire top opening I don't think you have to worry too much about things falling out of it.

    Where are you still able to get it?
  7. Oooh , i love that purse ! Sooo pretty ! Me wants !
  8. FYI: The smaller bow bag does not have the flap and just buckles up top. The larger one has the flap. The only down side is that when I carry it I worry that I will crush the bow. It is a gorgeous bag and very unusual - I haven't seen a copy and a great design.
  9. Does anyone one know where i can still find the bow bag in metallic gold?
  10. ^^ try calling the YSL boutique in nyc ;)

    p.s. as of about a month ago, they still had some!!!
  11. I have the bow bag in the larger size (lighter creamy honey color) and it is one of my favorite (and prettiest) purses. You don't have to worry about it popping open, because the weight of the bow keeps it shut. It is also surprising how much stuff I can fit in it.
  12. If anyone is still looking, YSL at South Coast Plaza has them!!!
  13. Does anyone else own this bag?
  14. This is one of my fave YSL bags. I have the large "flap" in black. It is so lovely and chic. Big enough for my stuff, but small enough to use if I want to go out. Great bag!
  15. Hi! I have the smallest bow bag in metallic bronze -it's a warm, rich, darkcopper-ish bronze. The color's the same as the main picture in this post:

    I've seen it in creamy-white (so clean, beautiful and classic), camel (neutral and classy), and muted rose-pink (veryvery feminine, unique and elegant -I almost bought this, but already have a Mombasa in pink). I got the bronze as the color seemed most versatile, age-appropriate (I'm 23) and fun -the metallic bronze makes this almost-too-pretty bag look perky, playful and modern.

    The leather's lovely -soft and supersmooth, but structured enough so that the bow stays perky. My bag doesn't have a flap, but it has a magnetic closure button on the inside, near the top. I'm very careful when I carry it under my arm, as I'm paranoid about smooshing the bow. It looks pretty hand-carried too!

    I'm 5'3, and this fits perfectly snugly under my arm. It's big enough for a (fat) wallet, cell-phone, keys & make-up, with room to spare, but is small enough to look dainty. The bow is adorable and a little whimsical, and the bag is so unique and well-made that I think it will be a staple for quite a while.