does anyone have the vernis reade in pomme?

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  1. I think im gonna get that one instead of the ursula because its so expensive. any pics? is it a nice size?
  2. I don't have it in pomme but I do have it in Framboise and I love it. Someone once posted being able to fit 5 soupcans in it.
  3. I don't have it.. ALMOST got it though! I think it is SOO pretty!
  4. It is very pretty and I wanted it so badly until I tried it on. It is VERY small. It looked like a little girl's bag to me, but I am used to big bags.
  5. I have it and I do love it! However, a lot of people think that it is too small. I like small bags and it does have an open top.
    If you like a bigger bag, I'd save for the's gorgeous and the pomme Reade is not going to keep you from wanting the Ursula. :P The Ursula is on my wishlist too and I know that I will be saving for quite some time (note the ban!).

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  6. I think Reade is a very cute little bag! The color is to die for! I think the Pomme Reade will draw more attention than the Ursula. Plus, you can use it all year long too. I have attached pictures of my Reade pm & my french purse. You can see that the french purse is darker than the reade. I prefer the color of my Reade pm better. :smile:[​IMG][​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Sorry, I think my pictures are too big.
  9. its so pretty! the color is so vibrant~
  10. I have a reade in bronze and love it. It actually isa ble to hold quite a bit: wallet, agenda, make up bag, ipod, phone.