Does anyone have the toki cloudia watch?

  1. I bought this last week, and although its very cute it is also very large and seems kind of heavy. I'm trying to decide if its worth the $$. I don't usually spend that kind of money on a watch. If you have one, or even not, what do you think?
  2. no, I haven't got it but I have been considering it... how big is it?? I've been trying to find out but no sites have the dimensions.
  3. could you post pics of you wearing it? :biggrin: i think that is a cute watch..but i already got 3 watches...dont need to add more lol ...
  4. Since you asked I will do my technically challenged best to accomplish that feat! I've never loaded a pic into the computer (I let hubby do all that) from my cam before. But I need to learn these things so what better than learning for another toki lover!:heart:
  5. The face is 2" L x 1.25" w. I can wear it on the very first hole of the band and my wrist measure 6 1/2". (which is an average sized wrist) When I wear it on the 2nd hold, it starts to spin around after awhile because the face of it is very heavy. Definitely a mens sized watch that a woman could wear if she has medium to large wrist and likes heavy watches!
  6. i saw it in person n it IS a big watch..but that actually made me like it i like big n gawdy things ^^ i'm gonna buy it next time i hit up japanla!
  7. I do think its VERY cute. Do you think its gawdy? If only it cost less....
  8. Oooh that is pretty big.... bigger than I thought, at least!! thanks for the specs!
  9. Well, here goes! A picture of the watch I'm talking about with some flash reflection. Sorry about that! Let me know what you think?
    toki watch 001 (Small).jpg toki watch 002 (Small).jpg
  10. sooo weird...i made post earlier..and its not there! ...thanks for the looking at it, it didnt seem that big...though i have small/petite wrist than i dont think it would look good on my hands..
  11. It doesn't look that big on your wrist. It's so cute.
  12. I don't think it looks too big's adorable. :love:
  13. Well...what to do? I gotta think this one through! I was also showing off the scar on my hand when I cut it it with a bagel knife! ouch!:shame:
  14. My bf said he :heart: 's the looks great!!
    How much was it, if you don't mind saying??
  15. i love that watch! Too cute!! I want the big gawdy sandy one though!! More my funky style lol