Does anyone have the Speedy North South??

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  1. Hi Ladies and Gentlemen...

    As you can see on my signature, I am finally off my ban and well my wishlist is growing, by the second.. I must say the Speedy North-South was THE only bag which caught my attention from the last few runway collections from LV (very disappointed over here, I know you can do better Marc, but really your bags aren't that unisex anymore.. the Fleur de Jais Speedy is pushing my limits!!), but anyways apart from that mini rant, what do you guys think of this bag?!?! I saw one on Malleries which just got put up yesterday, but for me the prices are still a little bit steep for my liking, but I'm sure I will see more floating around in the future..

    So I was wondering does anyone, I mean ANYONE have this bag?!? I would love to see some modelling shots and some comparison pics.. and what does that bag look hand carried, and you general impressions of the bag. I have attached a pic below for reference, but as you can see it has no other comparisons to it and well I can't really compare it to anything... There are no reviews on this bag on YT or on the internet, and the only things that I found on this bag were really good knock offs... Oh also can you post what you can carry inside this bag, as I have never seen this bag in person..

    TIA, and I hope you guys have a great day!!

    Link for the bag:
  2. what a gorgeous bag -- love it! don't know anything about it, so can't help you with that - sorry.
  3. I saw one in store. The leather is very soft. A fabulous choice if you can deal with white!
  4. I did not buy the purse, but tried it at store and took pictures.



  5. I loved this bag when I saw pictures of it on the LV website so I made sure to check it out at the store. Sweet and short it wasn't the beauty I imagined in person. Not impressed.

  6. It looks really nice on you!! What did you think of the zippers and that S lock flap thing?? I think its calling to me, after your pictures!! thanks for attaching.. and seen on a real person, other than a 5'10' model!!

  7. What do you mean by 'sweet and short'??
  8. She looks like a model to me! :smile:
  9. Thanks so much. I don't think I do justice to the purse.
    I like it a lot for the clean lines and retro look. Just not right timing for that price point.
    Zipper and flap worked fine with me, didn't remember any trouble with them.
    I think it is a functional and beautiful purse.
    Good luck deciding !
  10. Just that I didn't like it without a long drawn out paragraph of why.
  11. Short and sweet ... Like getting to the point...
  12. Dixie79 has this one!
  13. Ohh right, now I get ya!
  14. Ohh thank you!! Time to find her and flood her with questions and requests of pics!! thank you for the heads up!!