Does anyone have the Small Shoulder Byrant?

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  1. I did a search but could not find any threads or pics! Does anyone have this bag, how small is it eaxctly and what can it hold?
    Is it comfortable as a shoulder bag?
  2. hey there. yep, i have it in grey with gold hardware and LOVE IT!!! :tup: i get so many compliments with this bag it's crazy. i own a bunch of botkiers but this one gets the most compliments by far. i think it's a combination of the style and the grey and gold. it's a perfect every day bag that fits over your shoulder very easily. the large one is too large in my opinion for every day use and i love the look of this one. i carry my wallet, daily planner, cosmetic bag, another bag filled with dental floss, lotion, etc., sunglasses, pack of gum, and it still has room to spare. the front pocket is great for your keys and cell phone for easy access. sometimes you can't find your cell phone when lost in bags so that's why the large front pocket is perfect. i even add a sweater when going out and fits fine. i would compare it in size to the botkier small sophie or the botkier bianca medium. hope that helps!!
  3. Thanks Modelina! All this in this so called small bag!
    Do you have any pics of the bag or modeling pics, I would love to see them.
  4. hey there! no i don't have any photos but check out this link. this is what the bag looks like (there are tons of photos) and wow, what a great price! i got mine at the botkier sale earlier this year for $200 but this is a great price, too. i think this bag retails for $600.
  5. oh darn. looks like someone just bought it. anyway, that's what the bag looks like. it's adorable!!! you will love it. heehee.
  6. ^^ Thanks!
  7. Samia ~ I have it but unfortunately no photos to share...can't recall the name of its color, although it is burnt orange/rust/copper with a subtle metallic sheen. I LOVE LOVE LOVE its color, which is why I bought. And, I got it on sale for $210 with free shipping off the Botkier web site in February, I believe. I examined it when it arrived, although I have yet to use it and will eventually get around to it. :yes: