Does anyone have the Sloane Crossbody?

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  1. Ok, this is my first post with pics - hope this works! There is a photo of me, in all my probably have bronchitis glory - and a picture of the strap. I am currently carrying a Gaza hobo (LOVE it) and the Sloane feels less substantial somehow. My first impression of the strap reminded me of purses from the 70's with the wide, flat straps that curled up as the leather aged.

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  2. Flash and no Flash photos. As I type, I am reminded that I didn't think I liked the Gaza first thing... But I also think I will return this one for the Blueberry. I just need to walk on the wild side with color.

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  3. Your pictures came in just fine!
  4. Cool, thanks for the photos - the Sloane has the same darned metal rings as the Triple-Strap Hudson satchel! Wish HH would retire those funky things - but the bag looks beautiful!
  5. DMC... I think I would like it better in blueberry too.. Will bring a different twist on the bag!!
  6. I feel the same way about the rings! I was really wanting the Sloane satchel, but I am allergic to metal and I figured I could never carry the satchel over my shoulder because of them. That's what made me think of the cross body.
  7. The bag looks good on you. It looks much less structured than I thought it would..and more brown than winey. I think it does need a blast of color to make a statement...the blueberry sounds like a good idea.
  8. That bag looks nice on you! Not as outre as some of HH designs, but more of an everyday design. I agree the blueberry would make it pop.

    Hm, when I look at it more closely, it reminds me of my double-pocket Linea Pelle Dylan messenger but with more pockets!